About this blog

This blog has pictures of close up things we usually don't notice everyday, such as; the inside of a mushroom, or the face of a fly.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Green anole

I found this green anole on my porch railing.

Assassin bug eating cactus bug

I found this assassin bug happily munching on cactus bug in my driveway.

Giant darner

I caught this beautiful dragon fly in the street then took a few photos.


This little microscopic insect is so small that in the bottom picture the black object next to it is a letter "S" from a book!!!!

Luna moth

I found this giant luna moth on outside on a wall by our door.

P.S. the picture on the top is not the same picture that's on the bottom ones a little more zoomed in than the other :)

Sand in a spiders web

I found this spider web covered with sand at a park.